So Where Do I Start?

My 4-part evolving course to help your business take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that Facebook marketing has in store for you.  The  course structure is always as up to date as possible for an individual or a group of people in a classroom setting.  SoLoMo Science is proud to be certified through Facebook’s global education and certification program.

I also am a former course instructor for both the Sandoval County Chamber of Commerce and the Westside Chamber of Commerce. I am passionate about explaining the nuances of a breakthrough technology, still in it’s infancy.  In 2004 Facebook had 650 users, I’ve been studying it since the start.

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I tend to have most courses in my home state but feel free to contact me to set up an out of state session.  You have the option of taking any of the 4 modules individually or taking the full 4-module course at a discounted rate.  Below are the modules, module descriptions and rates for each pricing group.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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Per Module Pricing
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Full Course Pricing
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Now that you have an idea for what we go over in the Facebookology course, here are a few pricing sheets for group rates.  The 1st one is based on a complete 4 module course.  This runs anywhere from 4-5 hours and can be split up into 2 or 4 separate classes.  Depending on time available for the business I can be very flexible with this.

The 2nd price sheet is if a business just wants to take 1 or 2 or even 3 modules without the complete series.  I normally recommend against this but have it available as an option.  I recommend against this for a few reasons:

  1. Each course is between 1-1.5 hrs. and are skill based.  Each course however is designed to build upon the previous one for better understanding.
  2. Even though you may assume you know everything that we go over in the 1st and/or 2nd module, I always find someone who when we apply this knowledge to a more advanced course, we get drawn back into re-covering a topic that was discussed in a previous course and this eats up valuable time from the more advanced course.  Each module is jam-packed with information and time is always of the essence so keep this in mind.  
  3. Facebook is constantly changing or upgrading features, adding new ones, or removing old ones.  This then shifts the information provided in each module.  If you feel that you may know everything an early module, you may find it surprising when Facebook flips the script and alters how it was done in the past.

*Recommendation – Sign up for the full series of modules and get a GREAT discount on pricing.

Complete Course Pricing

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Module Pricing

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